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I have a course that uses videos throughout. Some of the videos as part of a quiz question. Instead. I used Quizmakers' blank slide option. While the videos plays the "Next" button is visible and I can click it and advance without watching the video. Is there a way of locking it so the user must watch the video before advancing. I can't seem to figure out how to do this. This has been a challenging project and my brain has gone flat.  

I imported the flash video in Slide view. I know you can also import the video throught Form view. Does Form view prevent the participant from advancing or is it the same as Slide view?

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Brian Batt

Hi Marty and welcome to Heroes,

If you're using a blank slide, there's no way to keep the user from advancing to the next slide.  However, one idea that you might try is the following:

1.  Create a True / False question

2.  Insert the video

3.  Animate the true / false question so that it doesn't appear until AFTER the video is completed

Since the user can't "submit" their answer until the question actually appears, they're forced to wait until the question itself actually appears.  You'll want to put some text that basically states that the question won't appear until after the movie is completed.

For more information on animating within your questions, see the link below: