Need assistance with Quizmaker '13 and YouTube

Hello all,

We're having an issue with quizmaker and YouTube videos.  In a quiz, a video was added via the Web object process.  It plays fine, but when you answer the question that is also on the slide, all the feedback windows (correct, incorrect and try again) all pop up in front of all slide content but the video.  The video is overlaying the feedback popups and cutting off about half.


Looking at the way the slide is layered, this doesn't make much sense.  It looks as though the feedback objects should be on top of everything else on the slide.  Can anyone help with this?


Thank you!

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Jada Olson

Hi Leslie,

They're just being published using the LMS option, html 5 and mobile are not being checked for publishing and, of course, are part of a larger course, not just standalone quizzes. 

Just to clarify, this happens when you use the 'add a video from a website' option and use the YouTube link.  (so you can get all the bells and whistles for these videos)  Importing a video from a file does not have the layering issue.