Need creative thinking

I have one e-learning activity that needs to be done by 4 different categories of learners.  Putting the e-learning together is not a problem with the branching, but they do not all have the same questions.  I was wondering if I can do the same in Quizmaker as in Presenter’s Slide Properties?  I do need to report on the answers using my LMS.  So in my case the branching is not about the answers, it is about the user.  Any ideas or other suggestions?

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Justin Wilcox

Building out a quiz for four different learners would be very difficult. If you are tracking the quiz results, I would recommend one of the following:

  1. Create four unique presentations for each category of learner.
  2. You could also try this more advanced method to incorporate the four different quizzes into the same presentation. I would lean towards the former as it's easier to implement: