Need ideas that will provide SUM of ratings input by user

Hi, I hope we can generate some ideas for how to do this. Let's say that a learner is asked to assign a number rating (between 1-10) to various items on the screen. How can we provide a sum total of their ratings and display the total on the screen? (Example below)

I cannot think of a way to use Quizmaker for this, but I could possibly create a survey with another tool (such as LimeSurvey) and embed it in the Articulate course as a Web Object. Other ideas?

Do we have any Developers out there who have created this code? Thanks. - Jill

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Jill Freeman

Hi, Dina.  I was never able to find a great solution, so I went another direction. I know virtually nothing about LimeSurvey, but this link may help you.

Please let us know if you design a good solution! Thanks. - Jill