Need to mark a 100% score in LMS for unscored quiz

Hi Everyone,

I need to be able to mark an ungraded quiz as "Completed/100%" in our LMS upon completion. Does anyone have any tricks as to how to do this?

I'm able to get the "Completed" by inserting the ungraded quiz into Articulate Presenter and choosing that quiz in the Reporting/Tracking when publishing to LMS (SCORM 1.2) but I get 0%. I'd prefer to have a score report of 100% to indicate they completed 100% of the course.

I also tried using a graded quiz and trying to trick the scoring. I put a point value of 10 for both the correct and incorrect answers in each question, but - wouldn't you know it - Quizmaker is just too darn smart and it won't give any points for getting the answer incorrect.

Maybe this isn't possible and I'm just dreamin' big, but I'm hoping that I'm not the only person who's had to do this!

Oh - also, I can't use the "Track using number of slides viewed" option in Presenter because the learners aren't required to view all of the slides in the course.

Thanks much and I hope this makes sense!


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Shelly Cook

I may not fully understand what you are trying to do but you could just simply add an additional quiz to the end of your course (one that will track in the LMS) that asks something like "Are you ready to exit the course?" with a simple "yes" and "no" answer.  Give "yes" the total of 100 points and presto you have 100% which translate to the LMS.

Dave Neuweiler

Hi Angie -- I just tried the scenario where a graded test has the same point value for both correct and incorrect answers. On the results page it shows 100% regardless of how I answer the questions... so I'd think that would work for you as well. By the way, I'm using the '09 version -- not that I know it would make a difference.

Tyr again??


Gerry Wasiluk

You can also make the final quiz have unlimited tries with each question so the learners have to get question correct before moving on.  So to get through the quiz you get a 100%.  Some folks do that here.

The caveat with that is to not frustrate the learner, especially with multiple response questions.  Some folks have trouble with them and really despise them in finding the right combination of answers to select--especially when the question seems designed to trick them and not test them.

Another option is to have a big final quiz that is not graded but you are required to pass it to get to a final, graded one-question quiz with what Shelly suggested.