Negative Marking or Marking structure in Quizmaker 09


I am using Articulate Quizmaker 09 for preparing MCQs for Indian Chartered Accountancy (CPT) exams.

The marking structure for the exam is as follows:

For Correct Answer, student gets 1 mark.

For Question not attempted by the student, student gets 0 marks.

For Question answered incorrectly, the student loses 0.25 marks (i.e. negative marking of -0.25).

For example, if there are 10 questions in the quiz of 1 mark each, and the student attempts 5 question correctly, 4 questions incorrectly, and 1 question not attempted, then he should get 5 marks for correct, -1 (-.25X4) mark for incorrect, and 0 mark for question not attempted. Thus total he gets (5-1+0) = 4 marks.

I want to incorporporate this marking / scoring structure in articulate quizmaker, as this system is used in the actual exam.

Please help me out with setting up this marking structure in quizmaker.

Thanks and Regards,

Gaurav Vaidya

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Gaurav Vaidya

Dear Peter,

Thanks for the Prompt reply.

As per your suggestion, I have installed the 30 day trial version of Storyline. However I am still not able to set negative marking for questions.

Can you please help me with setting the variables / the results slide, so that I get the desired results in the results slide.

I have made variables Correct = Number Value 1 and Incorrect = Number Value -0.25, and then apply to individual multiple choice questions. However, the trigger variables are not reflected or taken in the result slide.The result slide takes the points from the template, where we enter the question and answers (which is similar to Quizmaker 09 template). In that template, it is not possible to enter negative values. Infact, If I put 25 and 4 (corresponding to 1 and 0.25), incorrect answers having 4 points, but these points are added to the total results slide (Incorrect points are not getting subtracted).

Please help.