new and confused!

Hoping there is a "hero" out there that can help me on this one.  I created a  practice quiz in articulate.  At some point in the last week or so, I also did a big file purge since I had been "playing" and had many files I used for "learning" vs. to actually use for anything.  Today, I went in to edit a quiz I had made (my first completed project), however I did not have a file that looked right to open and edit.  I only have a zipped file and a "quizmaker output" folder.  Within those folders there is a mess of what I think are folders that make the product work.    Is there a particular folder inside of either a zipped file or an output folder that I can use to edit? Or do I have to start all over again???  I am thinking I may have accidentally purged my "original" file in my efforts to be organized.  I guess that will teach me!

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Allie Marino

YUP!  I already did the full search for the file you are speaking of.  I suppose this is just an unfortunate part of the learning process.  Luckily I can use my functioning HTML file from the zipped folder to get all the original question information.  I did have one more question:  it is related somewhat to organization and/or function of my files.  I typically find myself working between two computers when creating projects.  My home and my work computer.  This can become a real challenge for me, so I started using an external hard-drive as my place to keep all my articulate files.  I think I recently saw something that mentioned doing this can make the files unstable.  Did I understand correctly?  If so finding a new method would be easier for me now than in 6 months!  Thanks for your help David!

Justin Wilcox

Hi Allie.

If your external hard drive is using the same exact drive letter on both computers then you shouldn't have a problem. Some parts of the application use absolute paths so if your drive is D: on one computer and E: on another, that could cause directory structure issues. Here's an article outlining how to change your drive letter.

Allie Marino

Hi Natalia,  It's funny you should mention this.  I have been researching all my cloud storage options in the last week.  I plan on selecting one soon.  I have been on the fence between Sugarsync, Justcloud, and Dropbox.  Any input on this is welcome especially in terms of it's functionality directly related to Articulate.  Additionally, I store a LOT of video.  Thoughts suggestions on which of these services might be best?  I heard Sugarsync was slow for upload so with all my video content that made me shy away a bit so far.  I remade my test today but there was new learning in that too.  Thanks to those of you that lent a hand !

Kristin Savko

Allie- Are you looking to share files, or are you looking to store file?

Dropbox is great for sharing files. We share Articulate files over it all the time.

If you're looking simply for a cloud backup storage, you might want to check out Mozy. They've been fantastic for me, and their customer service is top notch (much like Articulate).

Stefano Posti

Hello Allie,

before rebuilding your quiz, you could try to recover your deleted file using a file-recovery application, like R-Studio, Rescue, etc.

Unless you have heavily defragmented or wiped your hard disk, there is good chance to have your .quiz file back!

This is a free program you may want to try: ...

Any commercial recovery software (about 40 $) does its job very well, anyway; consider pro and cons of rebuilding the quiz, in term of costs....

hope it helps

Allie Marino

Hi Stefano,  I actually had already tried recovery and it was  a no go.  I learned a lot by re-working the materials again and I learned a hard but needed lesson in the mean time. 

Kristin-  I am looking to actually do both backup and sharing.  It seems that some of the newer cloud services provide that, but they are not as "tried an true" as dropbox.  I'll keep researching, but I'll have to pull the trigger by next week.  I have been organizing and purging all weekend in preparation!