Newbie Question: New Questions Default to Multiple Choice

Jan 13, 2021

Hello Friends! I'm VERY new and teaching myself these tools. I've started a quiz in quizmaker and I'm trying to add a new question that's true/false. However, the template forms showing are all multiple choice - how do I see the template formats for other styles of questions? 

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Katie Riggio

Hey, Kaitlyn. Welcome!

When you add a Content Library 360 template to your quiz, all of the layouts for the template get added to your slide masters so you can quickly apply its branding. 

Try this:

  1. Add any Content Library 360 template. (Let's use the Illuminate one for this example.)
  2. Add any question type. (Let's go with true/false.)
  3. Right-click on the non-theme question slide and scroll to Apply Layout.
  4. Click the desired choice under the theme name's section. This will apply the Illuminate layout to the true/false question.

Here's a video demo of those steps for visual context. Let me know if this helps!

Bonus: Because you mentioned that you're new to Articulate, I recommend touring the Tutorials and User Guides collection. In fact, there's a section in Quizmaker 360 titled "Using Content Library 360 Templates" — a good one to explore!