Notes in Quiz not showing in presenter


I am using studio 13. I have a quiz incorporated in my e-learning. The notes for the e-learning (presenter) display ok, however the notes for each of the quiz questions are note displayed. 

I have checked the notes box in slide properties

Can someone tell me why the quiz notes are not showing... is there another setting somewhere that I have missed??



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Patricia -- Unfortunately, it appears as though when replying via email, your attached file does not come through here in the thread, so would you be able to stop over into the forum thread itself and use the ADD ATTACHMENT button in the bottom left corner of the reply box to browse for your Articulate package? Please note, I will need the Articulate package vs. just the .ppt/.pptx file so that I have all of the files necessary to publish and test your module appropriately. 

I also wanted to mention, when you reply via email, your signature information (phone number, address, etc.) are visible publicly here in the thread, so you are welcome to use the EDIT button beneath your post to remove that information if you wish, and you would also be welcome to use the DELETE button to remove one of your duplicate posts. Hope that helps! :)

Christie Pollick

Hi, Patricia -- Thanks so much for your patience while I tested your file! May I ask, are you testing the published output in the intended environment vs. previewing from within Presenter itself? I went ahead and published your module for Web as it had been set and then I tested it with Tempshare, and it appears to me that the Notes are showing for the Quiz slides correctly. 

Please click on this link to see if you encounter the same behavior in the Tempshare environment, and as you will see here in the example screenshot below for Slide 21, it looks like there are Notes appearing in the notes area. Did you have something else in mind?

Christie Pollick

Hi, Patricia --  Thanks again for your patience! Did you have an opportunity to check out your module via the Tempshare link I sent, by chance? For question 1 of 16, I am seeing the following in the Notes field, as opposed to "Question 1 of 16":

If issues persist, you may want to reach out to our Support Engineers for additional assistance. You would be able to submit your case using this form, and a member of that team will be in touch after they have had an opportunity to review your case. :)

Patricia de Souza

Hi Christie

That too, is what I see  - which is displaying the question (or heading of the slide) however I have also entered in the notes section of quizmaker additional notes - see screen shot below

the "question 3 of 16 Click on SUBMIT to enter your answer" is not displaying

notes added on quiz question

I am of course assuming that these notes do get displayed?!.... if not, what is the purpose of this notes tab in quizmaker?


Christie Pollick

Hi, Patricia -- Thanks again for the additional clarification of what you are hoping to achieve. While it may not be ideal, you would be able to achieve the follow effect relatively simply if you would like the "Question X of 16" and "Click on SUBMIT to enter your answer" text to show up in the "Notes" area (as you cannot add it in the Notes field of the placeholder .ppt slide, if that makes sense):

If that could work for you, you would just need to click on EDIT IN QUIZMAKER from the placeholder slide in the PPT, and then double click on each question and from FORM VIEW, add the appropriate text (Question X of 16, etc.) to the Enter the Question field:

Would that help?

Patricia de Souza

Hi Christie

So are you saying that any  notes added in the Notes tab of slide view in quizmaker will not be displayed in the published e-learning?

or is this an issue that needs further investigation?

I originally included the question number/required instructions on the question slide (as per your suggestion) but this to me was a bit messy, which is why I was hoping to put it in the notes!

if this is my only option then I will just have to live with it I guess!

thanks for your help