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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Nora.

Thank you for reaching out!

The Attempts option is set to 1 and grayed out because you have Feedback set to none. 

If you add Feedback by question or choice, you should be able to change the number of attempts allowed.

I hope this helps!


Nora O'Leary-Roseberry

Hi Maria!
Thanks for your help. 

No matter the selection the attempts are grayed out for some reason, we just want all to be unlimited. Here's an example of an item with the select as "unlimited" but it's still grayed out. 

We don't want any feedback to be displayed. But we also want attempts to be unlimited. 



Maria Costa-Stienstra


From the learner's perspective, I'm trying to understand what the experience will be without feedback and unlimited attempts.

If I submit a response, I won't know if my answer is correct or incorrect (without feedback), so why would I re-attempt the question?

Is the goal to give the users feedback at the end and then allow them to re-try the entire quiz instead?