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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Helmut and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

That feature is not included in Studio '13.

You can use the "Question List" option in the Quizmaker '13 player options. This will not number the questions, but it will give learners a better idea of where they are and how many questions there are in the quiz.

Another option would be to modify the name of the question to include a number.

If you'd like to see additional options in Quizmaker '13, please let our development team know.

Helmut Sieger-Karg

Thank you Leslie,

I tested your suggestion and wanted to make sure,

- the question-list option will only work if I use Quizmaker by itself?

- if I embed Quizmaker into a PPT, this functionality will not work - correct?

Including a number to a question will not work in our case, because we randomize question out of a larger pool.

Thx and best regards


Odunayo Olowe

Hello VIPs, is there any update on this issue? I want my learners to know how many questions they have answered and how many they have left e.g. 10/20 or 10 of 20.

Of course I would simply have numbered the questions by including a number 1,2,3... inside the question text itself, but because I have '"Randomize" option selected so that the questions are randomized/shuffled, this won't work.

Please help. Any prompt response would be greatly appreciated.