Objectives in Articulate

Relatively new user to Articulate.  I use VISION as the training database to organize objectives, development of handouts, quizzes, lesson plans and so on but it's not the most user friendly (putting it mildly).   I like Articulates user friendly methods to create material.  Is there any way to create and store objectives in Articulate.  Maybe even link to material, quizzes and so-on?  Would like to see VISION go by-by. 

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Don,

I wasn't familiar with VISION, but I took a quick look at their site and it looks like a normal  Learning Management System (LMS). Is that how you're using? 

Articulate tools are designed for course authoring, although we do have Articulate Online which will function similar to an LMS. It's specific for use with Articulate tools such as Quizmaker, Storyline and Presenter. I'd suggest taking a look at the trial here, and see if that'll meet your needs. 

If you have any other questions on it, feel free to reach out to our team here or peruse the Articulate Online section of our E-Learning Heroes community! 

Don Wilson

We have Articulate Online and I do like the program but it doesn't have the capabilities of a VISION type program nor does our LMS software, although we're getting a new LMS system this year so maybe it'll work as a replacement. 

It would be nice to have it all in one program.  A database structure that allows creation and storage of objectives, links them with handouts, presentations, quizzes and..... so that changing an objective prompts changes in linked material or maybe even auto-updates.  The same program allows creation of study guides, written exams, and other training material that can be printed or as in Articulate, output as electronic media.  You guys are a good part of the way there.....just a little further and you'd have a complete package.   One of the key differences you have over the VISION product is your user friendly interface.  Most instructors I know run away from VISION because it's not user friendly, at all.  With your groups apparent drive for usability with minimal coding I could imagine a very good, easy to use, software package.

Thanks for the reply.