Obtaining Survey Results

I was reading some of the posts regarding surveys and was not sure I was completely following so I will ask my question this way.  I am wanting to offer a course and capture the results of the survey at the end of the course (i.e. how do you rate quality of course, etc. type questions).  Will I or won't I be able to capture that information from the participants?  I only need to see their survey results.  Do not need their quiz results. 

Hope that question makes sense.  Thanks.

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Peter Anderson

Hey Tom!

So just to clarify, you have a course with a combination of at least quiz and one survey, but you only want to track the results of the survey? If you would like to use quiz-based tracking, you can specify 1 Learning Game or Quizmaker quiz within your Articulate Presenter course. Setting this will ensure that your course is a quiz-based course and will send all quiz data to your LMS. 

If you choose to use view-based tracking for a course that has a quiz embedded, quiz data will not be sent to your LMS.
Tom  Davenport

Peter, thanks for your response!  Not sure I follow though, but let me try and clarify more from my end.  I am setting up a course that a participant will take.  At end they will take a quiz and if the pass get a certificate of completion, but I do not need to see the quiz results because if they do not pass they will not get to the certificate page.  I am all good up to that point. 

After they take the quiz, I want them to take a simple 5 question survey (i.e. Did they course meet your learning objectives, etc.) and I would like to be able to see those survey results from the participants so I can have the feedback for future improvements.  If this doable, I am trying to understand how to set that up in the course and where I would go to see the output of these surveys. 

That is what I would like to be able to do fairly simply if possible.  Hope that helps.

Robyn DeMong

I'm trying to do something similar.  However, I need the system to track based on the quiz results.  After they take the quiz, I would like them to take a survey about the course.  When I published I set it to complete based on the quiz results slide, however, when I tested it, it displayed two different activities/courses instead of one.  See attached.  Any ideas on how to accomplish this?  I'm still just learning this whole Articulate thing, so I hope it's something easy! 

Peter Anderson

Hi Robyn!

I'm having a little trouble understanding exactly what you're trying to do . Looking at your document (thanks, by the way!), it seems to me that your LMS is showing that the course was completed and that the survey was taken also, but I don't see the other quiz you referred to. Are you trying to show those missing quiz results rather than the survey results? 

Robyn DeMong

Hi Peter!  Thanks for the repsonse.  I created a Code of Conduct course that includes a quiz and a survey.  I want the course to show complete when the user completes the quiz.   The survey is for my customer who wants feedback on how to make the course better and they want the user to compelte the survey while still in the course.  But when I tested the course, it shows as in progress even though I fully completed the course.  And I'm not sure why it shows as two activities (attachment) instead of one.  On the screen shot it shows Code of COnduct Survey Test as in progress and Code of Conduct Corporate as complete.  The Survey Test is the course I created to see if I can have a quiz and a survey in the same course and show as complete when a user completes the course.  Does this help?  lol

Peter Anderson

Hey Robyn!

OK, I think the issue you're going to run into, is that Presenter only allows you to track a course by the number of slides viewed or by one specific quiz (result slide). With that said however, you may be able to track more than one SCO in a course, using any of the unsupported methods described here

I hope that's more on track with what you're hoping to do