one diagram, many drag and drops

Jul 25, 2011

Hey guys,

I'm completing an anatomy review course and have diagrams with lots of potential blanks for the student to fill in and tyrying to get my head around how to achieve this with the current bunch of question formats. For example, a diagram of the arm with 7 special areas to identify by dragging the options into the correct place on the diagram. Any help appreciated...

Dave (newbie)

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Phil Mayor

Hi Dave

If it doesnt need to be a question, you could use dragster by webducate, this can be inserted as a flash file.

Or you could have 7 questions and use the word bank for each one and place the answer area where your label needs to go on the image

Finally you could use sequence drag and drop, so have all 7 labels as answers and an image with numbers where the lables need to go and ask them to sort into the correct order


You could also use the hotspot question similar to the wordbank option (e.g. click on the antecubital fossa)

Shelley McKay


I've been looking to do something similar and  I found this post. I've never used the word bank format before and thought this would work best. However you can only have one correct answers on a word bank question so how do you have multiple correct answers for the labelling exercise? I've also tried inserting a new word bank question on another slide and the cutting and pasting onto the labelling slide but when you try and do this you get an error "word bank drop spot cannot be cut". I'm struggling to understand how you would use this for multiple correct answers in the way Phil describes above.

Many thanks,


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