Online backup not recognizing My Articulate Projects folder...

I am using the CenturyLink Personal Digital Vault (automatic online backup) that backs up any file changes or new files daily.  The online backup backs up every (yellow folder - see image below) but does not recognize the My Articulate Projects folder. My guess is that it probably has something to do with the special folder icon or folder properties (see image below).  CenturyLink people have no idea. Having the automatic daily backup is so nice, but I have to backup the My Articulate Projects folder to a CD.

Any ideas or suggestions?

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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Gabriel!

For tips on organizing and managing your e-learning course files, see this great article, where Tom points out, "keep in mind that there’s not a right or wrong way to manage your course files. So you have the freedom to do what’s best for you. However, there are things you want to consider."