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Was pondering the possibility of a final online exam for future and wondered if it could be done in Articulate Quizmaker...  We would need:

  • To be able to set time restrictions for each 'paper' - 4 papers in total and to lock access to the other papers until the allotted time for each has been reached (to prevent students starting another paper before the time for the first one is over) - Is that even possible?
  • To record results for each paper (via Articulate Online) including negative marking.
  • To allow essay type answers - would Articulate be able to assess these? Or does it have to be a specifically worded answer for it to know whether it is correct or not? (No idea how advanced AI is these days!)
  • For students to only see the required assessment quizzes in their accounts, without the course material (else that would make the exams really easy!) - Is that possible, or would we need to set up separate 'exam' accounts for each of the students?

Only at pondering stage at the moment, but any guidance/suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks.


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Michaela -- Thanks for reaching out during your research phase for an upcoming project; we'll do our best to provide the info you need! 

For question #1, you could take a look at this info on Choosing Player Features and also the section on Changing the Navigation Method here to restrict movement in your quiz. 

For questions #2 and #3, you may want to review this information on Using Freeform Text Entry Questions, and there is a section on how you are able to define what answers you would consider acceptable. 

And finally, for question #4, the topic of limiting access to prevent dishonest course completion is one that has certainly come up before, so you may want to take a look at a thread on a similar topic for some ideas you can try for implementation. 

Hope that helps, and others in the community are welcome to share their tips and tricks, as well! :)