Only want user to take quiz once

In both Quiz Maker and Presenter I have the settings set to "Allow Quiz to be taken only once" and yet you can easily go in an take the quiz again just by clicking on the link, or even just going back in before you close out the presentation. 

This is happening across all of our presentations.  It seems like such a straight forward feature that it should work.

Some generic info: the presentations are password protected per user and we provide the direct URL of the presentation.

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Tom Kuhlmann

Besides setting the quiz properties in Presenter to allow the user to take the quiz just once, which it sounds like you have done, you must also enable the Resume feature in the player template for Presenter and Quizmaker.

If the Resume feature is not enabled, the quiz will simply reload each time it is accessed, allowing the user to retake the quiz an unlimited number of times.

Arthur Binotti

I have a similar requirement.

However, when I look at the quiz properties in quizmaker, rather than presenter, I don't see any option for "User may attempt quiz". I am using quizmaker 09.

Also, ideally what I would like is to

1. assign the quiz to a student. Let them take it only once.
2. if they fail, then be able to reassign it to them again.

It would be nice if some of the quiz options were in the manage content section of articulate online, rather than having to embed it in the quiz content and re-upload it each time you change an option.

Christine James

Posted Wednesday, December 22, 2010 at 1:06 PM  

I'm running into a similar issue. I recently upgraded to Studio '09. When we used Quizmaker 2.1, we could create standalone quizzes for our LMS and customize all these settings without using Presenter at all.

It seems sort of pointless to be able to publish standalone Quizmaker quizzes to an LMS if you can't control some things (number of attempts, whether they can review or retry the quiz afterwards, etc...basically all the "Properties" you get access to when you insert a quiz into Presenter.)

In addition, it seems like the quizzes don't work quite the same way...even when published in a Presenter course. Here's an example:

For most courses, we require a minimum passing score of 80%. If the learner doesn't reach that threshold, we force them to re-take the quiz. This worked just fine in Presenter 5/Quizmaker 2.1 (with SumTotal LMS) without doing anything special; now, I only have a choice to let them attempt the quiz once, multiple times or unlimited times. It doesn't seem to allow "until user passes", which is what I want.

* If I let them attempt only once and they fail, the quiz locks on the Result page and they can't re-take it even if I set Finish to take them back to the quiz. Quizmaker 2.1 didn't do would re-load the quiz.

* If I let them attempt more than once, this has the unwanted consequence that they can pass, then retry the quiz and get a better score (say they get 80% first and retry, then get a 90%). The LMS is keeping the last score, not the lowest passing.

I'm very new to Studio '09, so I might be missing something but I cannot figure this out to save my soul.

Tom Kuhlmann

Quizmaker 2 did not have a resume feature. That is why the quiz would simply reload when you sent the student back to the quiz slide.

Quizmaker '09 now includes a resume feature, and, by default, it is enabled. This is usually desirable. However, you can disable the resume feature in your Quizmaker '09 quizzes, so that they function the same way your Quizmaker 2 quizzes did. You can disable the resume feature in Quizmaker '09 using the player template. See: Player Templates > Navigation