Open "Finish" URL in new window?

Hi all -- on the pass/fail screens for my quiz -- is there a way to get the "Finish" link to open in a new window? We are embedding the quiz on a page in an iframe and it's causing the follow up page to get cut off when users click "Finish".  (Barring this, is there a way to just not have the "Finish" button show up?)

Thank you!

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Lee Corbett

Hi Peter

We are having kind of similar issues but we are asking the content to return to a student lesson page within an LMS. The content completes just fine but the URL we are asking it to go to opens a new iframe within the existing one, We just want to be able to send the student back to their control panel without a new frame. Any ideas? If it helps we are using eFront LMS.

Peter Anderson

Hi Lee, welcome to Heroes!

Are you using the steps below to redirect your users?

1. Open your quiz in Quizmaker.

2. Click the Pass Result button on the toolbar.

3. Under "Finish Action," select "Go to URL".

4. Enter the appropriate URL.

5. Click the "Save & Close" button.

6. Repeat the above process for the Fail Result slide.

For more information on editing the quiz result slides, check out this article.