Option for final quiz

Is it possible (in QM 09) to have an option to pick one of two final quizzes and still have the results report back to an LMS?

The content of the quiz would be the same, it would be the quiz results that are different. If a person belongs to group A, they need a specific certificate and if a person belongs to group B, they need a specifc certificate (which I create by modifying the results.html file for each quiz) In the screen before the learner launches the quiz, I want to give instruction saying click here if you belong to group A or click here if you belong to group B. . . . a quiz launches, the learner completes the quiz and prints the certificate. No matter which quiz the learner completes, the results are passed back to our LMS. Is this possible? .

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Laura!

I know that users have allowed users to take different 'versions' of a quiz based on position, for example, but the results slide would remain the same. So, I am not aware of an out-of-the-box way to do so.

Perhaps someone in the community would be able to assist you, but I would recommend different courses due to your results slide requirements of your quiz.