Option to Resume: No option greyed out or not available

Mar 19, 2012

Hello Everyone,

I have a client with a necessity to be able to have the option to resume where they left off, but without the option to click 'No'.  The goal is that once they start the assessment - they can exit if they want to, but when they resume they will always start from where they left off - including the time elapsed etc.  

If the 'No' option is somehow disabled then the only way to resume is by clicking 'Yes' and from what we've found this then keeps all the information intact as far as time elapsed etc.  They can go back and change their answers, which is fine, but as long as the time elapsed is kept running down.

I'm not much of a programmer at all, but if the "yes" and "no" options have some sort of 'link' behind them, then if we take out the link from behind 'no' (so to say) then clicking on it won't do anything right? 

If so, can someone tell me where these links would be found in the published files?

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David Janus

Update:  We found where to delete the text for the 'No', and it doesn't appear anymore, but the space where the text used to be still is able to be clicked, meaning they can still effectively choose not to resume - and hence start the quiz all over again.  

So now I guess we need to find where the code is that actually puts the 'clickable' aspect there and the ability to choose not to resume.

Did I post this in the wrong forum?  Does anyone have any input on this?  Please help!

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