Other Language character set doesn't appear.


I'm writing some questionnaires in QuizMaker in Portuguese language. When I edit the question I can write normally using some characters we use in Portuguese like: ç, ã, etc. The problem is that when I run the application (even in preview mode) these characters doesn't appear, and the words keep inclomplete.

Do anyone know why?


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Artur Russ Filho

Hello Peter!

Thank you for you answer.

I've checked all fields in the article you suggested, and all they are exactly as indicated there for Portuguese Language.

Unfortunately the questions still appear with the Portuguese characters missing.

I've checked separately in the quizmaker settings too, just to be sure.

See the words finalizao and instalao that should be finalização and instalação.

 The funny thing is that in Learning Games editing mode they appear correctly:



Peter Anderson

Hi Artur!

Thanks for the screenshots and additional info. It looks like that may be a limitation of the Learning Games module within Presenter, as I'm able to reproduce the issue. I'd still encourage you to submit a support case to see if there's something that may be able to be done. 

Alternatively, is the Learning Game something you'd be able to replicate using Quizmaker? 

Artur Russ Filho


I moved to QuizMaker and enter each questions again and it works perfectly.

Then I imported the quiz in Articulate via PowerPoint.

The error only occours if I use the "Learning Games" buton inside the PowerPoint!

I'll send this information to your support this may help to avoid future problems.