Overlaying Quizmaster and Engage onto powerpoint backgrounds


I'm relatively new to the product suite, so this might be a very basic question - well two related questions actually. I want to apply the level of visual creativity that I have in Powerpoint/Presenter to my Engage and Quizmaster  inserted pages.

1. How do I overlay a quizmaster question over a background created in powerpoint (I want to position each option within an MCQ over a graphic answer box?

2. In Engage, how can I insert an Engage interaction within a window created in a powerpoint slide  - so I retain the branding created in ppt?

Many thanks in advance

Jeremy Miles

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Phil Mayor

Hi Jeremy

You can make the background of engage and quizmaker transparent so you get your branding show through from your master slide

see here http://community.articulate.com/tutorials/products/making-your-engage-interaction-look-seamless-with-your-presenter-project.aspx

You can also insert it as a swf instead https://player.vimeo.com/video/148900990

The same can be done with quizmaker but this is a little more complicated and only one quiz can be inserted this way


Rebecca Flores

I used the methods to make the backgrounds on Engage and Quizs transparent. But I still have a problem. We are required to have a specific text phrase at the very top and the very bottom of certain courses. The engage and quiz takes up som much of the screen the words on the slide master are either cut off across the top for the upper branding and at the bottom for the bottom branding, or they are partially covered up by parts of the engage or quiz elements. Is there anyway to make the engage or quiz screen smaller on the display window so the branding on the master slide top and bottom can be larger than 12 point font?