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Jan 09, 2013


I am reviewing the Quizmaker software and have run into a problem setting a password at the beginning of a quiz.  I am planning to use the Quizmaker output as a SCO in a larger SCORM package and will not be using Presenter at all.

I would like to have a page prior to the quiz questions that a user would have to enter a password before being able to continue.  I added a “Fill in the Blank” page at the beginning and set the properties to “unlimited attempts” and points to “0”.  The functionality of the “Fill in the Blank” page meets my needs but it is now included in the question count and review screens.  I cannot use this option as a result.

Is there a way I can add functionality to a “blank slide” that would make a user type in a correct password before being able to go to the Question Group? 

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Chris Laventure

I thought the solution above would work but unfortunately I forgot to take into account that the user will access this quiz numerous times and (the proctor) will have to type in the password each time they take the quiz.  In order to use the Quizmaker program I will have to have the password in the quiz. 

Does anyone know if I can keep the “Fill in the Blank” question out of the review or is there a way I can put a user interaction on a “Blank Slide” that will not allow the user to press next prior to entering the password correctly?

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