Pick One Freeform Question in Quizmaker 13

Hi everyone,

I am attempting to build a "Pick One" freeform question in Quizmaker 13. The problem is that the "Convert to Freeform" button is not visible, and the option to choose "Form View" or "Slide View" is not visible. I have tried to build the question by starting with a blank slide and by inserting a Pick One freeform question directly, and have had no luck either way.  If any one can shed some light on this, it would be sincerely appreciated.

Thanks to all.



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sheldon!

If you are utilizing a Freeform question type, then the Convert to Freeform would not be an option in your toolbar.

As to the toggle between Slide View and Form View it sounds as if the pane on the right may be closed, and I'm attaching a short clip where I assisted another user with the same issue :) Hope it helps.