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I've created a hyperlink to open up an email.  I found how to do it in some previous posts.  The problem I am having is with the subject line and message.  All the words come out in lower case.  What am I doing wrong?

This is the format of the code I put in:

mailto:XYZ@dos.ny.gov?subject=XYZ Exam&body=Congratulations on passing the ACP exam. Please type your name and the name of the organization you work for in the space below.

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Lori Heithoff

I didn't fix the problem with lack of capitals when creating the pop up email in Quizmaker.  But, I did find a work around. 

I found that the code works OK in Presenter.  So, the work around was to add a slide after the quiz in Presenter and include a hyperlink for an email on that slide.  I didn't want people who failed the quiz to see that email slide, so I hide that slide using Slide Properties and in the Quizzes and Interactions box when the user passes the finish button it only directs users who pass to that slide