Possibilities in Articulate + Quizmaker

Hi everyone, I'm new to the Articulate programs, an have a question about the possibilities in Articulate:

Within a learning I want to create different pools with questions. 
A User should go through the whole learning at least two times. 

The first time, a User is making the quiz in the learning, he gets randomized questions from a pool. 

The second time, the same user is making the quiz, he also gets randomized questions from the same pool, but the System has to make sure, that he doesn't get the same questions like in his first try. 

If a user is making the quiz a third time, the system has to make sure, that the user doesn't get the same questions like in his second try and so on. 

Is it possible to do something like that? And how complex would it be to create? 

thanks for your support. 

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Sebastian - 

Welcome to the community! So, have you had an opportunity to check out our complete list of Quizmaker '13 tutorials yet? There are lots of tips available there, however, I think you might find this tutorial on Using Question Groups to Pool and Randomize Questions to be the most helpful for what you are trying to accomplish. Please check it out and let me know if you still need further assistance.