Possible to allow user to review slides after failing quiz?

May 23, 2012


We're having some trouble allowing users to review slides after failing a quiz.  We want to allow the user to retake the quiz unlimited times, but review the slides previous after failing the quiz.  Currently if a user tries to go back after failing the quiz, they are not allowed to leave (as we don't want users to be able to review the content during the quiz).

Is there a work around for this issue?

Please let me know if you require any more information and thanks in advance for your help!

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Jeanette Brooks

Hey Alison! It sounds like in the quiz properties at the bottom of your quiz placeholder slide, the setting for "Allow user to leave quiz" is set to "After user has completed quiz." This means the learner needs to click the Finish button on the result slide to officially finish the quiz, before they can go back and review any of the slides prior.

What you could do is give the learner some audio or on-screen instructions on your Fail Result slide, telling them to hit the Finish button, and then in the PowerPoint/Presenter slide right after your quiz, give them some review guidance... i.e., tell them they can click in the sidebar to review the topics & then return to the quiz and retake it. 

For users who don't fail the quiz, you can use the Slide Properties on your quiz placeholder slide to branch them past the "review guidance" slide and on to the next slide in your course.

Does that help?

Alison Small

Hey Jeanette,

You're right, we ideally don't want the user to be able to leave the quiz until complete.  However, we also don't want the sidebar set up... The quiz is the last slide in the course, so I think we're ideally looking for a workaround to allow users to review the previous slides before retaking the quiz.  Do you think this is possible?


Jeanette Brooks

Yes! How about if you do this: on the Fail Result slide, tell learners that when they click the Finish button they'll be taken back to the beginning of the course, where they can review the content and then make their way back to the quiz. On the Pass Result slide, congratulation learners & tell them the Finish button will close their session. And for the quiz properties at the bottom of the placeholder slide, you can set up the properties like this:

  • "When user passes, 'Finish' button: Closes Window" (since, if they pass the quiz, they'll be done with the course)
  • "When user fails, 'Finish' button: Goes to slide 1" (which would allow them to review the content and make their way back to the quiz to retake it)

If you do it this way, in Quizmaker you'd want to turn off the resume feature, since, if the learners review the content prior to the quiz and then come back to it, you'll want them to see it refreshed (without the previous answer choices selected), so they can re-do their answers. You can turn off the resume feature in Quizmaker by going to Player Templates>Edit>Navigation and unmark the box next to "prompt to resume on quiz restart."

Oh, and one more note: in the quiz properties on the placeholder slide, I'd probably set it to just one attempt rather than multiple attempts, because that will remove the Retry button from the result slide. (Since it sounds like you'd prefer that learners review the content prior to the quiz before retaking it, rather than retaking it immediately after failing.)

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