presentation of correct/incorrect choices

I have a client that, instead of providing feedback after each question, wants to give the learner the ability to review the correct answers only on the results page score. They don’t want to use the review quiz function.  Instead, on the results page, (they understand this would require a scrollbar) they want to show a list of all questions, with their correct choices and associated feedback. 


To make things a bit more complicated:


  • the test has a pool of questions so they would only like to show those questions that were presented to that learner
  • they would like to show those questions the learner got right/wrong, not just all the correct choices


In other words, instead of a question by question test review they want to show the entire review on one page with the score.


Btw… I should say in advance that I know there are a number of reasons that this may not be the best instructional design approach but that battle is already lost!


Can this be done?  Any ideas?

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