Pretest and Post-test in same course

Hi all,

I want to include identical pre- and post-tests in a single course. The only differences will be, for the pretest, the learner won't see their results and can only take the quiz one time. For the post-test, they will see their score and can take the quiz as many times as needed until they pass.

I have the pretest done. Is there a way to just copy all of the same questions into the post-test and then change the settings, as needed?

Also, I assume the analytics for this will make it easy to compare the pre- and post-test scores. Is that correct? Or should we be doing the quizzes in the LMS instead?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Nina!

This article explains some ways to leverage your quiz content by reusing questions. So, you could duplicate them or perhaps start a new file and import the questions you need multiple times.

Tracking multiple quizzes in the same course isn't supported. However, you may be able to track multiple measurements for a course using one of the unsupported methods in this article.

All that being said, I will defer to the community for ideas of suggestions on how they have accomplished similar.

I've seen a number of other discussions that discuss pre and post type of assessments, and you may want to review these here for ideas or thoughts - although a majority of them deal with Storyline vs. Quizmaker: