previous buttons on blank slides

I've created a short (4-slide) QuizMaker "module" using only blank slides.  I want participants to be able to go forward and back in the module, so I set it to "Submit all at once."  That gives me previous and continue buttons, which I want.  However, the FIRST slide also shows a previous button.  Is there anyway to turn off that button on the first blank slide?  I've spent all of the time that I can allot to this, could someone help, please??

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Lynda Claspy

Good question!  Our programmer wrote code so that we could embed Articulate (QuizMaker and Engage) into our LMS.  PowerPoint creates larger (wider) files and we couldn't embed those.  If we use PowerPoint we have to use them as pop-up files.and we prefer to not use pop-ups unless we have to do so.

I like using QuizMaker's blank slides because they can be animated (as PowerPoint) and we have more freedom to set up the slides as we want.  It works beautifully....except for the previous button on the first page!

Peter Anderson

Gotcha, Lynda. Thanks for clarifying. Other than using PowerPoint/Presenter, I don't know of a way to remove the first slide's previous button. It certainly warrants a feature request though:

I'll see if I can get ideas from some of the more creative staff members, but thanks for your input in the meantime!