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Hi everybody!

I did this quiz with QuizMaker 13, until yesterday everything OK (showing each application and submit button and then the feedback) but then I probably unknowingly changed some setting (perhaps the player?), since then I show more button 'submit 'and instead shows the previous and next, but even when I press, does not go forward, and does not show the feedback. How can I decide to return to the first? thanks to all

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Fede!

I am able to go through this quiz effectively. I'm not seeing a previous and next button, only the submit.

Here is my published output:

I can navigate to previously answered questions from the question list as expected. 

The restricted navigation is what keeps the 'next' button from working, but by hitting the previous button it takes me back to where I was in the course to continue on as expected.

What behavior are you wanting to see in this course?