Print & E-mail buttons do not work properly

Hello, When clicking on the print and e-mail button in my Articulate Quizmaker, I cannot print neither e-mail properly.

I was able to e-mail 1 time, just after finishing the first draft of my e-learning. After, it didnt work anymore. The printing does not work most of the times, but I have been able to do so a couple of times.

So sometimes it works...

I had my settings set correctly as from the begining, they never changed.

My settings are set on: allow user to review quiz (+ show responses), print (prompt for name), e-mail (correct e-mail adress added). I have the latest version installed on my computer, already checked by IT.  

I already saw 1 post regarding the pop-up blocker interfering, so I put it off...but no luck. Still not working...

Any ideas?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Lies. Welcome to the community!

Sorry for the trouble. How are you testing the content? Is it uploaded to a web server or LMS, or are you viewing it locally?

First, please make sure that you're testing the content in the environment for which its intended. If you view it locally and try to use the email or print feature, it may not function properly. Please take a look at this article for more information. 

If you have uploaded the content to a web server or LMS, what web browser are you using to view the content? Also, are you able to share a link to the published content?


Lies Bouvrie

Hello Christine, thanks for the fast response.

When checking out your tips and the link you passed me, I guess I am doing it all wrong...:(

This is the way my Articulate trainer explained me to do it actually...but this seems not to be the correct way then...

I published the E-learning for the Web, the chosen location where my published output has been created is a file server on the companies network, NOT a local drive. So this needs to be a local drive to start with?

I test it by clicking on the player.html file saved on that server (unc path).

I send the link to this server to employees by mail or I send them the link to our intranet/Sharepoint, where I created a link to that server. This way all our emlpoyees are able to access it, but printing/e-mailing at the end of the quiz does not (always) work. Additionally when accessing it from home, it seems to be very slow when going from 1 slide to another. 

Finally, I do not publish to a web server...

I am going to talk to my trainer again, asking a little more explanations on what you are telling me here...

(Web Browser = Internet Explorer 8)

Sharing the content will be a little difficult, as it is company confidential info. Or maybe I can send you a short version & with only 1 question in the quiz? Can I send this to you by mail?



Lies Bouvrie

Christine, some additional info: Talking to the trainer again...he assured me: publishing for the web - choose my local drive instead of the server on the network + copy/paste it on the server on the network afterwards, should work (he said this is the same as a web server...but it does not work. I tried... 

My IT department is also looking in to it, they will setup a web server and we will try again, following your feedback.

Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Lies,

Well, the information he gave you is mostly correct. Yes, you'll want to open, edit and publish content from your local hard drive. Then, when you want to test or make use of the content, you'll need to upload it to a web server, LMS or even publish to CD if it needs to be viewed locally. Now, uploading it and putting on your company's intranet would work, but simply copying it onto a network drive is not the same thing - it will not function like a server, it functions like a drive.

Of course, it may just be a misunderstanding of wording on my part, but if that's the method you're using, launching the HTML file from a network drive is not going to produce the best results. 

You are more than welcome to send the files along to us, privately, if you'd like. Please submit the files in a support case with our technical department. You'll be able to attach an Articulate Presenter Package (if you're using the quiz in a Presenter presentation) or the .QUIZ file on the second page of the form. They'll be able to give you a little more information and help with testing the content. Also, if you can, please share the case number with me, so I can follow the progress and keep this thread updated.

Hopefully we'll be able to get this all straight for you


Lies Bouvrie

Hey Christine,

Thanks for the feedback. In the mean time my IT department has contacted the support at the supplier where we bought the Articulate license, also taking into account what you told me. Seems that due to high security settings (coming from Donaldson US) we cannot use the e-mail function. The system does not allow to open the Outlook e-mail. Unfortunately we wont be able to change those settings. 

What remains a mistery is the fact that I was able to send it once + the fact that yesterday I received the e-mail from a US even if security setting are set in the US, a US colleagues can make it work???

I fwd the mail to my IT department...hopefully thet can resolve the mistery.

Thanks anyway, if further assistance needed from your side I will surely let you know