Print Results button not working with Chrome browser

Dear E-learning Heroest of Heroes:

I published my course to the web, and currently it's online on the client's portal. For some reason, when a learner takes the lesson assessment using Chrome browser, the print results function doesn't work. I allow the pop-up, but after I write my name in the text box, nothing happens.

Seems to work fine with doing the assessment with IE or Firefox. Any suggestions?

Thanks so much. --Daniel

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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Brian:

Actually been on the forum a few months, but for some reason the software wasn't allowing me to change the passwork I had forgotten... But anyway, I just went to Google and got the instructions to disable all my pop-up blockers and that fixed the print results issue. Works as it should now, though it seems like it needs to be online for a learner to be able to print their results. This doesn't seem to be the case with the IE browser. Thanks again. --Daniel