Print results gives conflicting data


I have a course with an assessment at the end and when users pass (100%), I want them to print their results. Works great the first time they go through the assessment, but if they happen to return to the course, or jump to a previous section then return to the assessment, when they get to the assessment it has retained their previous responses and immediately displays the "Enter name" box where they type their name prior to printing, then takes them to the print results screen, which has very strange data. It shows 100% at the top, but in the table below, which displays the question, correct answer, student answer, results, points, it shows the results as incorrect for a number of questions, and zero points awarded.(screenshot attached)

How can it show 100% at the top and incorrect results at the bottom?

Is there a way to make the quiz reset when they re-enter the course or return to a quiz?

Is this a known issue and is there a workaround?



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