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Christie Pollick

Hi, Ken -- Thanks for reaching out! Could you please confirm if you are using Quizmaker or if you are using Storyline? My apologies if I am not clear on what you have in mind, but in the article here on Publishing a Storyline 2 Course for Word, you will see in section 2 that you have the option to show slide layers:

Step 2: Choose the Document Properties

In the Properties section, choose from the following formatting options:

Show Layers: When you publish to Word, the resulting document will have a screenshot of each slide's base layer. If you also want to include a screenshot of the other layers associated with each slide, mark this box. Layer screenshots will appear after the associated base layer in the Word document.

And as you can see if you click here, there is no such option is offered when Publishing a Quiz for Microsoft Word. Hope that helps or perhaps others will be able to offer some additional ideas to assist. :)

Christie Pollick

Hi, Ken -- Thanks for your reply and for the additional details. So, just to confirm, have you used the steps provided by Leslie and I to publish your quiz to Word and all of the slides (or 'layers' as you have called them with a different slide to show the answer and corresponding photo) printed or no? Perhaps it would be helpful if you were able to share your .quiz file so that we are able to get a better understanding of what you have described. 

Please use the grey ADD ATTACHMENT button in the bottom left of the reply box and upload there, or if you would prefer private review, here is the form you would need to submit your file. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Deb!

Looks like you are viewing a Quizmaker quiz within Presenter and you will not have a separate option to publish the quizmaker file from here.

Are you wanting to publish the Quizmaker file as a stand alone? 

When you insert an Articulate Quizmaker quiz or Articulate Engage interaction into your Articulate Presenter course, a copy of the original *.quiz or *.intr file is stored within the course's *.ppta file. This means that if you ever lose the original quiz or interaction file, you'll still be able to edit and publish it in Presenter. Please review this article for more information.