Printing Quiz Review Slide

Aug 15, 2012

Hi. I'm in need of some help brainstorming a solution to print out results for a Quizmaker quiz.   The response options on my quiz need to fit within the structure of a very specific framework.  I've set up a graded quiz with yes/no responses on a single slide.  The Quiz Review slide is showing/working exactly as I need it to:

Because of how the responses are set up on the slide, the Print Results page doesn't show the student responses as they would logically read across the quiz (i.e. Print Results shows  Y,Y,Y,N instead of Y,N,Y,N).  Is it possible to have the student print the Quiz Review slide which shows the correct answers and student answers in the format I need?

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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Kara

Sorry if I'm not quite understanding exactly what you're hoping to do, but I thought I'd mention a popular (unsupported) method for customizing the print results slide. You can find it here. Hopefully that helps, but feel free to clarify to me what you're trying to do, or even submit a feature request, if you'd like. Thanks!

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