Problem with Articulate '13 Quizmaker

Jul 27, 2020

We use Articulate '13 and throughout our training module we have put in a few Q&A's for our employees to take and we use the '13 Quizmaker to create the Q&A's.  We've been having a lot of issues with employees not being able to get past a particular Q&A question/slide and most times when they get to the Q&A/slide it already has an the incorrect answer and does not allow a person to make a choice at all.  We thought maybe it was an issue with our LMS but after their techs reviewed and were able to replicate the issue, they believe the issue lies with Articulate.  Has anyone else had this issue and if so, were you able to find a fix for it?  

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Sharyn Madden

Katie, I am having a similar issue with our quizzes. In addition to what Marlo explained, we have calibration issues. In order to select the correct answer we have to hover the cursor an inch above it. Once selected, we are able to click submit but when the correct answer response pops up, we are unable to click continue. The page freezes.  I exited out and retried. the second time I received a "Scroll to Bottom" message and page froze again. This is after the first question. Cant get past it. What do you think is the issue? Please HELP! We were supposed to launch the quiz yesterday but weren't able to correct this issue. 

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