Problem with audio playing on Quiz Review

Sep 06, 2013

I created a 1-question, multiple choice quiz in which I added (imported) an audio file to the question. It plays fine after I launch the quiz, however, that same audio plays on the Quiz Review screen after I take the quiz and want to review it. Is there a way to prevent the audio on the initial quiz screen from playing again on the Quiz Review screen? Ideally, I'd like to have different audio on the Quiz Review, but don't see a place where I could do that.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Darrin!

This thread is a bit dated and I'm not sure if Tim reached a resolution or if he is still subscribed to this thread.

You are welcome to reach out to him directly via the 'Contact Me' option on his user profile.

I took a look at this functionality and I only see an issue if the audio on the question slide does not complete. Then, it wants to finish during the quiz review. 

Tim Danner


For the life of me, I can't remember if or how I resolved the issue. I'm not even sure what I was working on when I encountered the issue. The only quiz I can find from around that time isn't constructed like the one in my original post. We've been using Storyline for more than a year, so I haven't used Studio's Quizmaker for some time.

Ann Dyellig

I'm in SL 360. I was successful in pausing audio during quiz review, but now I want the base layer audio to play again when retrying the quiz - it is not. The audio plays on the correct and incorrect layers when retrying the quiz, and that is OK. I should also mention that I've set the base layer quiz questions to "initial state" so that the correct and incorrect bar at the bottom during review is always set to incorrect. I don't want to show which they got right. I also unchecked "show correct/incorrect answers when reviewing."

Steve Nixon

I had a slightly different problem in that I have some transition animations at beginning of each quiz slide so the original solution was stopping the timeline on the slide before anything had appeared on it.

Here's how I solved it:

I put the audio on a separate layer for each quiz question slide.

On each quiz slide I put a trigger to show the audio layer when the timeline started so the when the user went through the quiz the first time the audio simply played.

On the Results slide I put a trigger to change a variable value (I created/used ReviewMode as per the original article shared above). I changed the value of ReviewMode from 0 to 1 when the timeline started on the review slide.

On each quiz slide I put a trigger after/below the trigger that showed the audio layer that checked the value of the ReviewMode variable and hid the audio layer if the value of ReviewMode was = to 1.

On review the audio does not play.

Best, Steve


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