Problem with Printing Quizmaker Results

Nov 28, 2011


I'm a new user and running into an issue with Quizmaker. I've read several posts but couldn't find anything similar so if this question has already been previously posed, I apologize. I wanted to use the email results option, but get no response so I'm assuming I can't use that function because of an internal problem with our email -- I read several other similar issues. So, the other option is to have everyone print their results. I don't have any trouble printing my results but anyone else who's tried doesn't get a separate browser window to open showing their results after they enter their name & hit OK. The folder/files are residing on one of our network servers - not my local drive, I don't understand why the browser window opens for me but no one else. Any thoughts? Also, if you have any updated tricks to get the email working that would be really helpful too!

Thank you for your time. Terri

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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Terri!

Being that the Print Results button launches a file called the report.html in a new window, it's common for pop-up blockers to prevent the file from loading. Therefore, I recommend that you have your users disable any pop-up blockers that they have running. Then, could you please have them do the following to see if it resolves the issue?: 

1) Upgrade their version of Flash Player to the latest version: 

2) Clear their cache. They can do this in Internet Explorer by going to 
Tools -> Internet Options -> General -> Temporary Internet Files and select 
Delete Cookies and Delete Files. 
3) Under the Security tab, click on the Internet, Local intranet, Trusted Sites, and Restricted Sites and select Default level for each. 
4) Under the Privacy tab make sure that is set to the Default level. 
5) Under Advanced click Restore advanced settings and click OK. 
6) Restart the web browser.
Let me know if you continue to experience the issue. Thanks!
Terri Lawson

Hi Peter,

Thank you for your response & suggestions. Unfortunately, our IT policies don't allow normal users the ability to install latest versions of software or have access to the Security tab under Internet Explorer properties so it looks like printing results for quizmaker isn't going to work. Since I can't use the email function because of our system either, my only other option may be a suggestion I saw under another thread, but when I click the link I can't access the file to find out what PHP is -- can you point me to a different location? Thank you!

Some of our customers are successfully sending Quizmaker results via PHP, but this is not a method supported by us. You can learn more here: 

Quizmaker '09: