Problems using both video and graphic on same slide

I'm using Quizmaker to play a video and then display a graphic on a slide. This slide is included in a Presenter training I developed.  I'm encountering several problems with this slide.

  1. After the slide plays, doesn't advance at all unless the user clicks the Submit button (a message also displays telling the user to finish the quiz  in order to continue). I want to get rid of this button and message and have the slide advance automatically because this slide should look/act like the rest of slides in the presentation. How can I do this? I have set the quiz slide to advance to the next slide, but it's not working.
  2. Also, I need to include annotations on the graphic that appears after the video plays, but I'm not able to do this on the Quizmaker slide.
  3. The time remaining displays at the bottom of this slide, even though I've selected this option in the template to not display (unchecked "Display Timer" and set the option to "Do not show time.")

Can anyone help with these issues?

Thanks, Donna

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