Progress Check Results Closes Course Before it is Completed

I have designed dozens of courses that I run in TalentLMS and only recently came across an issue.  When the user completes an intermittent "Progress Check" during the course and passes (or fails the quiz) the course is shown as completed and a pop up appears showing the user has completed the course.  The results slide only allows the user to "Close the Browser" or "Go to URL".  I thought it used to allow the user to continue with the next slide which would allow the course to be continued and only on the final Knowledge Check, would the user be able to close the course.  Please see the attached screen shot. 

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Ren Gomez

Hi Jack,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing that screenshot! It sounds like the course is completing during a progress check and automatically marking as complete.

Have you reviewed your tracking and reporting options when publishing to LMS? I recommend testing your course in a different environment, such as SCORM Cloud, to see how the course functions there.

If you see different results, you may need to follow up with your LMS, but if your experiences are similar, there may be something in the file triggering completion when the learner reaches that results slide.

Feel free to share your file with our support team, and they can lend a hand with testing!