Published Quiz Fails to Complete

I have Quizmaker '09 and have published many quizzes to our LMS using it. I am trying to publish one now, but it will not register as complete. I thought it might be our LMS, but I tested it on Scorm Cloud and it doesn't work there either. I cannot figure out what is wrong -- all settings seem fine. The one thing that isn't happening is that there isn't a Finish button after the final quiz question. Can anyone help?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Deb,

I viewed the files you sent, and ran through the published version of the quiz and was able to see the Finish button (see image below, I obviously didn't pass!). Since you mentioned testing it in SCORMCloud and getting the same results, would you be able to submit a Support case so that our team could take a look at your original files?