Publishing Problems with Quizmaker 09

May 21, 2014

I've been using Articulate Studio 09 for several years, but only now am I having this problem. When I publish my Articulate file "for the web", the swfs are showing up as "shapes" with very long file names. The lesson will play properly and the quizzes appear correctly, locally on my machine, but as soon as it's uploaded to an LMS, the quizzes no longer work (just a spinning circle), although the Engage interactions work fine. I opened the quizmaker folder within the published lesson's data file and tried to play the swf file there but it doesn't work that way either. I tried publishing it "for the LMS", but the same problem occurred.

I'm on a closed network so I can't show you the files, but I'm out of ideas and past my deadline. Help!

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