Publishing to Moodle

I am fairly new to Quizmaker so please be patient.

I have followed the instructions from previous posts and have published my quiz by selecting the LMS option and SCORM 2.1.

I have downloaded the quiz into Moodle and and all is good and I can see and access the quiz.

I do not want the students to see their scores as they do the quiz. So here is my question

On the quiz side I can have a zero value to the score in each question how do I get Moodle to score the quiz but hide the results from the student so I can go into Moodle to check their resutls.

I don't want the students to email the results but rather get Moodle to score and record the results for each student.

I have created a short answer question to capture their name and they will access moodle via a common username and password so I don't have to create lots of accounts.

What settings should I have in Quizmaker for each question and when I publish to LMS and are there any special settings I need for Moodle.

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