Pull student name into certificate of completion with survey quest

I have read most of the posts about creating a certificate of completion by tweaking the report.htm file and was wondering if there's a way to tweak the code further and pull the student's name in from a survey question where they enter it as an answer to the first question in the quiz. I suspect there's a thread on this somewhere and would be grateful if someone would point me to it.

Thanks in advance,


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Diane Peters

Hi Peter,

It is an option and I've changed the report.html file according to the instructions I've found among the heroes to do so. However, that's Plan B.

The problem with Plan B is the learner can enter ANY name at the completion of the quiz and print a certificate. If they enter their own name in the first question of the quiz, then the odds are more likely that they've completed the quiz themselves. It just makes it more difficult to cheat. 

Any other option where the logged-in user name can be pulled into the certificate automatically would be even better. However, I'm technically challenged when it comes to code beyond html and I don't know how to mess with API calls or javascript  That's why I was hoping I could do something with a quiz question.

Any ideas?