QM 09: Define minimum # of words for essay questions?


I was wondering if, for essay questions in QM 09, there is any chance to define a MINIMUM number of words the learner must write in order to be allowed to submit and proceed?

(Example: Text answer must contain at least 30 words before being submitted --> to get rid of yes / no answers...).

Thank you very much for insights,


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Silvia,

Quizmaker '09 essay questions don't have an option that would set a minimum amount of characters, or text, for a response. I think this is because the surveys aren't scored, but I can see why it would be helpful to avoid extremely short responses. 

To be honest, in cases where a learner is going to enter a short response simply because they don't want to put for the effort to type out a full response, those learners may end up finding a way around a character requirement. I see these all the time in forms, where the user will type their answer, then enter random letters/numbers just to fill up the space until they can submit it. 

I think the best option would be to prompt the learner to take their time and submit a thoughtful, thorough response. 

In the meantime, you're always welcome to send a suggestion to add this type of functionality to a future update of the software.

I'd love to hear of some additional suggestions as well, if anyone has something they'd like to share.

Thanks and good luck on the project!