QM 09 - "Make It Easier To Read What's On Your Screen" Issue?

Jun 12, 2012

Hi, all -

This may sound odd, but we discovered an interesting issue with Quizmaker 09. A coworker recently started using Articulate and she had changed her screen display settings to make it easier to work with text. She didn't change her resolution per se; she used the Windows 7 setting to set your display at a certain percentage level (125% or 150% are the other options). When she published her courses & quizzes, the results generally looked fine except for the pass/fail result slides on her quizzes.

Notice how the line doesn't go all the way across the slide. The X for the "You did not pass" results also looks odd. It looks this way when she views the native file in Quizmaker and when she published it. However, when she set her display back to the original settings (100%) the line displays normally both when viewed in the native file format and the published version also looks correct. 

Has anyone else noticed this issue?



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