QM Displays SOme Blank Answer Choices

Apr 19, 2011

Interesting phenomenon with QuizMaker.

Quiz has 110 multiple choice questions with each having 4 choices. Selected randomize question presentation AND shuffle answers AND feedback by answer.

8 or 10 questions, out of the total 110, present with one (1) of the choices as blank on the display – the position is present, the radio button is present but the associated answer text is blank.

If I select the blank answer choice I do get the correct feedback for selecting either the correct or incorrect answer. It seems this may be a display only problem.

This is demonstrable on demand since it happens repeatedly on the same question (recall randomize the questions and shuffle the answers) so cannot predict where in the question will present but it happens on the same questions. When I move to another machine, same behavior, same questions, same choice.

I use publish to WORD and edit the document to find which questions have this display problem, then back to the master QM to verify question and choices are defined properly. I see nothing wrong.

In each case I have published for web presentation and am executing the flash.

Thoughts or guidance anyone ?

Thank you ... Bill

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