QM360 scores say "0" in Moodle when should be "100"

I am using Studio/QM 360. At the end of each session, I have included 5 QM questions. The learner can take them as many times as needed but needs a score of 100% to pass and be able to go to the next session.

The issue is how these results show in Moodle. Some of them show 100% (correctly) and some show as 0%, even when the learner has actually scored 100% and is able to go to the next session.

It is concerning some of our learners to see the 0% even though they know they have passed and can proceed with the course. Is there a setting that I am missing in QM? It is especially odd because some of the sessions work correctly and others don't. Please help!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Nina!

Tell me a little more about how this project is set up:

  • Are the Quizmaker quizzes embedded in a Presenter course?
  • How many total quizzes are in the course?
  • When you publish for LMS, did you select a results slide to track? If your course has multiple quizzes, you'll only be able to choose one to track.