Quality level audio defaulting to web, but need to change to CD-RO

Hi:  I have a full course with a quiz (with audio). 

No matter how many times I create the quiz, the quality of the audio (Quiz Properties) defaults to web quality.  Is there a setting to change the default?  Can I override this?  My choice for "Advanced" or "CD-ROM" is not sticking?

Many thanks.


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Debra,

If your quality settings (Quiz Properties -> Quality) are not being saved, please publish a quiz one time at the current quality settings. Then see if you are able to make and save changes to the quality settings.

If you're still unable to see the adjustment in quality settings, can you try deleting the quiz from your presentation and then reinserting the quiz (if you're inserting the quiz into Presenter)?

Debra Mascott

Thank you, Christine.  I did try that.  The quality of the original audio is fine.  I created a new quiz outside of Presenter.   For some reason, the Quality of the audio is web.  I tried changing it to CD-ROM or "Advanced."  When I choose either of those, it doesn't "stick." 

Any other ideas? 

Many thanks in advance.